Our Departments

Advantage of Forest Product Engineering:

Our students use computer labs for design, drawing, modeling and analysis courses, and also, they use physical and mechanical laboratories for academic and practical course work. Besides, wood processing technologies as well as laboratory, chemistry and anatomy testing laboratory, the mechanics of wood, impregnation laboratory, laboratory for plate production are used for academic studies.

Our graduates are serving as an engineer in the public sector, the Ministry of Forestry and Water, TUBITAK, DPT or private sector institutions. And also, they serve as a chief in the
furniture manufacturing factories, lumber mills, medium fiber board (MDF), particle board (YL: particle board), oriented strand board (OSB) or plywood factories, material supply or production. Architectural design and construction engineer offices, import-export specialist positions such as chief of the company are located.

Organized activities in our university and faculty: vocational and technical excursions, trips, domestic trade, factory tours, nature trips and picnics, Meet and socialize parties, spring festivals are organized.


By the development of  CAD / CAM Programs  along with Information technology, Computer Based Production has began, the production process has become quick and easy.
It's aimed that Forest Industrial Engineering program will be in collaboration with the other  education and research programs which are to be launched at the Faculty of Forestry because of the multi-disciplinary structure of it  in collaboration with all the other targeted. It's aimed that by the practical use of the CNC equipments at university and faculty the train engineers are raised with the syllabus of Forest Industry Engineering Program.

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